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Guild Rules
Just some general guild rules for ALL members!

1. No begging (pfft make your own gold!). This includes asking for boosts etc. Feel free to ask for help with stuff, just don't get too pissy if people don't want to take you through a dungeon / raid theyve already done 100 times Wink

2. Google It! (occasional questions are great - especially about classes and quests etc, but dont expect everyone to answer everything. Alot of the time a quick check on Icy Veins or WowHead is actually quicker!)

3. We actively encourage the use of Discord and real names (you don't have to log in Discord everytime you are logged in but it helps to get to know others quicker). Not only will it help with raids it helps make you feel part of the team!

4. Keep your calendar up to date. New events will be added. Try and sign up when you can (use tentative if not sure).

5. Guild bank - Feel free to use what you need and repairs are for all! Gold is generated through BoE sales from raids. This way gold is shared evenly and you all get repairs for free this way so make use of it even if you arent a raider!

6. Have fun - get involved etc. Although no guild "does drama" I quite enjoy it - so if you are going to cause drama at least make it funny!