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First of all,

Welcome to Foundation.

Choosing a solid guild is extremely important. We want to create a great atmosphere for friends to play and enjoy the game and try and accomplish any goals you may have while you are here!

As a new member there will be a few things I require from you. Firstly you will need to ensure you are signed up for this website. To do this click the "Apply to Guild" on the top right hand corner. If you have already applied and it has been accepted, you should then receive a confirmation email that then activates your account and allows you to sign in.

After you have signed up to the website I would like you to take some time to read all of the guild rules. A lot of it is self explanatory but here is a checklist of what you need to do:

1. Sign Up to the website and activate your account.
2. Read all the guild rules - (see the guild rules forum - new raid rules to be posted very soon!)
3. Addons - check that you have all the necessary addons for raiding (DBM etc)
4. Download and install Discord - settings in guild information/forum post
5. Real ID - I would prefer that all members have me added to real ID, this makes it easier for me to contact you when you are on an alt etc incase you are late for a raid or whatever. If you plan on being a social member this is optional.

And most of all

6. Enjoy yourself. Whether you are a social member or a raider, the best way to get the most out of the guild is to get stuck in. Get to know people (all notes will be updated with players names so you can see who is who and learn peoples alts etc) and let them get to know you.

Hope you enjoy your time in Foundation!


Raid Teams for Legion

Raid Team 1 will push for progression. Raiders on this team will require to read up on tactics, class specific strategies, be prepared for every raid.
We require a certain amount of skill playing your class.
Be on time! - If you are late or have to go early, no worries, just speak to your officer/raid leader :-)
The teams interest will be progression BUT we will not neglect the social part aspect of raiding and this is something everyone need to understand. we are first and foremost a social raiding guild - have fun - be the guy people enjoy to play with!

Raid Days - Sunday and Wed 20 - 23 Server time !!
Poss Thursday as an extra day

Raid Team 2 will have a more relaxed approach to raiding.
you will be required to have a basic knowledge of your class.
Be prepared with food, flask, potions before the raid.
Have a basic understanding of raid mechanics - There are a ton of guides online!
Be on time! - If you are late or have to go early, no worries, just speak to your officer/raid leader - Dont just leave.
No attendance policy
The teams interest is a mix of progression and just having fun.
Get involved in each other, we are here to have fun but with basic rules to not make it shit!

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