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Welcome To Foundation
Foundation is a social raiding guild based on Magtheridon alliance. We are currently rebuilding both our raid teams for Antorus, the Burning Throne, since we've lost some players for various reasons during Tomb of Sargeras progression.

Raid Team 1 so far in Legion:
EN - 7/7M Cutting Edge
ToV - 3/3M Cutting Edge
NH - 10/10M Cutting Edge
ToS - Realm 2nd HC, 6/9M

We're preparing to progress through Antorus.

Raid times: Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 realm time.

Raid Team 2:
EN - 7/7HC
ToV - 3/3HC
NH - 10/10HC - 4/10M
ToS - 9/9HC

Being a social guild in the first place, we want to provide each of our members the chance to progress through current content at their own pace. Raid Team 2 is a place for any player who doesn't feel like doing the more challenging content. T2 is a casual team that gives every member an opportunity to raid without having to worry about performing at the highest levels. Be that as it may, T2 raiders are still required to come prepared to the raids (tactics, flasks, enchants, gems).

Raid Times: 20.00 - 23.00 (server) Thurs & Sun

Please read below for the specific team / social recruitment. We require all applicants to fill in our website recruitment application form.

Raid Team 1 looking for:
We are currently not recruiting.

Raid Team 2 looking for:
We're looking for:
- healers
- tanks (who have a viable off spec and are comfortable playing it on busy nights)

Social Member Applications
Our social applications are open for players that do not wish to raid but would still like a busy and vibrant guild atmosphere.

Add any of the below officers:

Team 1:
Nirveniusz - Nirven#2839 (Raid Leader)
Maelax - Laursen#2466 (Ranged Officer)
Frappuccìno - Frappuccino#21284 (Healing Officer)
Kaeru - Fredros#2757 (DPS & Tactics Officer)
Ursinus - SamBucur#2190 (Melee Officer)

Team 2:
Trau - Trau#2734
Shaei - Shaei#2704

We look forward to hearing from you! :)
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by Merridur on Aug 18, 2014 at 12:21 PM
First of all, Welcome to Foundation.Choosing a solid guild is extremely important. We want to create a great atmosphere for friends to play and enjoy the game and try and accomplish any goals you may have while you are here!As a new member there w... Read More