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Welcome To Foundation
Foundation is a social raiding guild based on Magtheridon alliance. We are currently running two raid teams:

Raid Team 1:
EN - 7/7M Cutting Edge
ToV - 3/3M Cutting Edge
NH - 10/10M Cutting Edge
ToS - 9/9HC Realm 2nd - Going for Cutting Edge!

Raid Times: 20.00 - 23.00 (server) Weds & Sun
We also hold a Saturday raid which we have moved ToS HC to but is completely optional to attend. And a Monday fun raid for a more chilled out Ap/Legendary farm.

Raid Team 2:
EN - 7/7HC
ToV - 3/3HC
NH - 10/10HC - 4/10M
ToS - 9/9HC - Goin on Mythic Soon!

Raid Times: 20.00 - 23.00 (server) Thurs & Sun

Please read below for the specific team / social recruitment. We require all applicants to fill in our website recruitment application form.

Raid Team 1 looking for:
- We are currently recruiting all DPS classes.

High Priority Classes -
- Shadow Priest
- Subtlety Rogue

We will always consider any exceptional applications.

Raid Team 2 looking for:
- We are currently recruiting all DPS classes.

High Priority Classes -
- Demon Hunter
- Death Knight
- Balance Druid
- Warlock

We will always consider all excellent applications.

Social Member Applications
Our social applications are open for players that do not wish to raid but would still like a busy and vibrant guild atmosphere.

Add any of the below officers:

Team 1:
Raid Leader: Neyschka - Murai#2853
Melee Officer: Excisio - Zal#2491
Healing Officer: Accipitrem - Lovlycris#2728
Ranged Officer: Twigglitz - TwiG#2626

Team 2:
Raid Leader: Palagus - Palagus#1474
Officer: Nirvenius - Nirven#2839
Officer: Frappuccìno - Frappuccino#21284

We look forward to hearing from you! :)
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by Merridur on Aug 18, 2014 at 12:21 PM
First of all, Welcome to Foundation.Choosing a solid guild is extremely important. We want to create a great atmosphere for friends to play and enjoy the game and try and accomplish any goals you may have while you are here!As a new member there w... Read More